Senin, 16 Februari 2015


I lost words to describe what I really am right now
Maturity takes me so hard to pass it
when everything is suck and it's just like I still have to stand in my own knee without laying to anyone
while stormy winds and eathquakes hit the place where I stand
I just feel like why I have to end my highschool time in this hard way
I am trying to be the old me, but I know, the old of me isn't strong enough to pass it all
maybe for those who don't know me, they will think that I'm purely fine.
of course,will you show to everyone if you don't?
and they will give you sympathy
but that's not how I want to pass this horrible things

I never imagined that high school will be this hard
It was fine until my last year came up
and then woooooosshhhhh
everything is soooo messed up and many craps happened
I don't know what does it meant to be
but it's sounds ridiculous when I think about my 2 years in high school and then I have to end them in this way
if I could ask God, I will ask, what is my Lord trying to remind me? or warn me?
Is it have to be this hard?
God, make me through it if it means to be

no one wants this, neither do I.
I never choose to be in this position.
why I loved when it only intended to hurt me

I learn that having love in our heart is so dangerous
it could kill you
I already killed mentally
you will never know the old me
I don't know whether I can have the old me again or not

I have to stand toughly although there is many things that trying to makes me fall
for those, who give this all to me, thank you,
I know you hurt me too deep. but I still say thank you, why?
because sooner or later, I will be stronger because of your pain
Wise women does that, right?